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Linda Coulter paints scenes filled with radiant light and soft romantic colors to inspire your day and make you happy!  You can learn how to paint like this.  Browse our website to discover your options.  Enjoy!

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Welcome to the Official Grisaille Connection


 Linda Coulter is internationally known for grisaille painting (a French word that means "gray tones") over which pure color glazes are applied with a special paint that allows natural sunlight to participate in the finished design to produce an "inner glow".


The term "inner glow" was originally coined by the Old Masters of the Renaissance who were glass painters and painters of illuminated manuscripts. Their secrets were prized and cherished.

Linda Coulter has skillfully blended these ancient art techniques with today's paints and mediums to produce radiant works of art that will capture your heart, inspire your imagination and make you happy.    Learn more about GrisailleLearn more about Pure Color Glazes.



Coulter Art Seminars for 2016

Visit www.LindaCoulter.com

for dates, locations and photographs of the seminar projects.



Linda Coulter’s Foundation Seminar features how to “see” color through artist eyes, and recognize the gentle color nuances that can make or break your painted designs.  Learn how to eliminate muddy color and jazz up your painted designs with beautiful colors of nature and radiant sunlit effects.

At this beginner-easy seminar, you’ll learn Color Theory, Color Mixing and Color matching.   Each student can bring a few of her/his  favorite bottles of DecoArt Americana or Plaid FolkArt paints so Linda can teach you her EASY way to match them perfectly using PrimaFlo liquid acrylics.

Bring samples of wall paper or fabrics to learn how to match the color with Linda’s EASY method.   

The theme of this seminar is “Spring and Summer Flowers and Garden Treasures”.

Each student chooses how many projects he or she wants to paint during the weekend from the 16 beautiful designs available. Projects are small, quick and easy for “party style” painting fun!

Each student receives a FREE Introductory Set of PrimaFlo acrylic paints, and a FREE Introductory Set of w/Oils (water mixable oil colors).

This seminar will be taught at Shipshewana, Indiana, in May … and York, Pennsylvania in September … Coulter Art Cottage (central Illinois) in August.  Other locations include New England and Florida this fall.

Come join the fun and learn Linda Coulter’s EASY way to handle color successfully. 

Click here to Register for Seminars 





Limited Time Offer:

DVD Art Workshops ... Order while supply lasts!


Linear Perspective, Part One     $49

You'll enjoy this art workshop presented by DVD that teaches linear perspective through animated drawings over real photographs of nature and buildings.  You'll also enjoy Linda's drawing demonstrations using a simple string and a paint brush to illustrate the concepts as she draws on canvas.

Then have fun painting these 3 projects, using a pattern, photographs and detailed written instructions to learn how to transform a simple line drawing into a 3 dimensional full color artwork.




Painting with Color Complements    $59

This is a fabulous art workshop presented in 4 art instruction DVDs that teaches both direct and indirect painting techniques and methods of handling color complements.  Very informational and easy to understand. 

Two of these projects are filmed from start to finish so you can watch every brush stroke and listen to Linda's verbal explanations. Projects 3 and 4 are presented via detailed written instructions, traceable patterns and reference photographs.




Learn How to Paint Ancient Stone   $49

This fascinating DVD Art Workshop teaches an easy way to paint Ancient Stone in European Architecture.  You'll enjoy 4 hours of video instruction as you watch Linda paint the village scene in classic grisaille, followed by color glazes, scumbling and opaque accents.

Projects 2 and 3 are presented through written instructions and reference photographs.  Traceable patterns for all 3 projects are provided for your convenience.




Getting Started with Luminist Landscapes

Limited Time Offer   $59

This art course is a beginner-intermediate level study that teaches how to paint luminous landscapes.  Linda taught two of these projects at national conventions, each as a 6 hour class, and students finished their paintings that day.  The techniques are easy to learn.  One project is filmed from start to finish as Linda explains everything she does, and why.  One project was filmed specifically to teach basic grisaille landscape techniques. The two Luminist ponds are taught with detailed written instructions and step by step photographs. All 4 projects come with traceable patterns, photographs, written instructions.  This study is a beautiful way to merge 19th century Hudson River Luminism with Old Masters techniques from the Renaissance in a method that beginners can easily learn and enjoy for a lifetime.





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