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Grisaille (pronounced "griz-eye") is a painting style that uses only gray tones to create a classic artwork.   Add color with pure color glazes

 Linda Coulter's luminous paintings are varied combinations of techniques: Grisaille, Glazing, Semi-glazes, Chiaroscuro, Camitura™,

Greige-lavage™, au Premiere Coup, Verdaccio, Mica Radiance, Velaturas, Sfumato, La Maniera Lavata, Sbozatta, Finata 

Linda Coulter teaches art workshops and art seminars and Private Instruction and she publishes Art Instruction DVDs, Art Courses, Project Collections

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Home Study Art Courses

Linda Coulter, Teacher


Painting Birds

This is a wonderful course for anyone who wishes to learn how to paint birds using an easy method, called grisaille.  You'll learn many wonderful techniques. Linda guides your way through each project with written instructions, reference photos, traceable patterns. Art supplies and surface sold separate. All printable materials are burned to compact disc for your convenience.

Art Course Home Study $45



Learn Beginner Winter Scenes

Learn to paint winter scenes using Linda Coulter's grisaille method, followed by color glazing and final opaque accents.   

"Snowy Forest" demonstrates the grisaille process which is presented on the art instruction DVD.  This project remains a classic grisaille.

"Farm Sleigh Scene" and "Winter Hideaway" are taught via traceable pattern, written instructions, and reference photographs. Grisaille painting and color glazing with opaque color accents. 



Color Complements ... Getting Started using Color Complements

This a fabulous art workshop presented in 4 art instruction DVDs that teaches both direct and indirect painting techniques and methods of handling color complements.  Very informational and easy to understand.  Two of these projects are filmed from start to finish.  Projects 3 and 4 are taught with written instructions.  All 4 projects have traceable patterns, reference photos, written instructions. 

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Beginner Luminist Landscapes Art Course

This art course is a beginner-intermediate level study that teaches how to paint luminous landscapes. 

The techniques are easy to learn. This study is a beautiful way to merge 19th century Hudson River Luminism with Old Masters techniques from the Renaissance in a method that beginners can easily learn and enjoy forever. 

One project is filmed from start to finish as Linda explains everything and demonstrates the painting techniques.

One project was filmed specifically to introduce basic grisaille landscape techniques.

The other 2 projects are taught with detailed written instructions and step by step photographs.  All 4 projects come with traceable patterns, photographs, written instructions.  



Beacons of Light.... Learn how to paint light houses

“Beacons of Light” is a painterly study of lighthouses, featuring 4 of Linda’s most popular lighthouse projects. 

You’ll learn Linda’s grisaille painting techniques to create Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse from Linda’s art instruction DVD. Then you’ll learn how to add glowing winter colors with the guidance of detailed written instructions and reference photographs.  

Lightkeeper’s Cottage is presented as richly illustrated written instructions, packed full of helpful tips and techniques.

Two more lighthouse projects are taught with traceable pattern, written instructions, reference photographs and color chart. 

The printable materials are burned to a compact disc for your convenience.

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