Welcome to the romantic art of Linda Coulter.  Each work of art is hand painted with tender love and care to embrace the beauty of nature, color and light.  Linda teaches Private Art Instruction as well as national art seminars, and she teaches art courses online, and Home Study Art Classes ... Workshop in a Box ... Designs Sets

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Grisaille painting has been in use by artists since the Middle Ages. 

Rembrandt, Vermeer, Titian and Caravaggio were among the masters who used the grisaille technique. 

Their basic concept was to build a network of paint layers that allowed passage of natural sunlight through the layers of paint to preserve the "inner light" that was so highly prized.

Early Renaissance painters were glass painters and some were artists who painted illuminated manuscripts where artists would sometimes paint on real gold.  In both cases, the object was to incorporate the radiance of natural sunlight into their art works.  They called this "inner light". 

Linda Coulter has developed an easy method of achieving inner light in her luminous art works.  Painting a project in grisaille first, then adding pure transparent color divides and conquers the painting process so even a new beginner can learn how to do it.  This art style is a delight to learn and fun to paint. 




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