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After 40 wonderful years of teaching fine art and decorative art with oil paints and acrylic paints, Linda's focus is changing this year.  Her designs will be painted exclusively with Watercolor Pencils that you can enjoy and relax with at any location.  This is a hobby you can easily carry with you to use most anywhere, or paint in a cozy small space in your home.

Premium quality professional Watercolor Pencils are much more affordable at approximately $2 to $3 per color than oil paints and acrylic paints which are becoming very expensive.  Watercolor Pencils are activated with plain water and easily cleaned up with plain water.

There is no messy palette of wet paint puddles.  Simply pick up a watercolor pencil and start coloring with it.  Aquash (water brushes) hold water in the handle and are easily refillable at your sink.  A little squeeze of the handle gives you a drop of water, just the right amount to easily satisfy your creative techniques.  A set of 3 Aquash Brushes is priced at less than ten dollars.  

 Our projects this year include small sizes that can be beautifully framed to adorn your walls, or paint beautiful designs for greeting cards or note cards or bookmarks.  Paint these projects for your own home decor or use them for gift giving for friends, neighbors and family.  Sell your finished artworks at art and craft shows to make money.

All of our project instructions are downloadable at the time of purchase from Linda Coulter's Online Store.  The Shopping  cart will send an email to you that contains a link and password to make downloading your purchase easy and fast.

Linda Coulter has opened a Watercolor Pencil Art Group at Facebook where you can all meet and talk about techniques and projects.  You'll find links there to excellent instruction videos.  If you need help with your project or have questions, you'll find the help and answers you need in the Watercolor Pencil Art Group. 












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