Linda Coulter paints scenes filled with radiant light and soft romantic colors to inspire your day and make you happy!  You can learn how to paint like this.  Browse our website to discover your options.  Enjoy!

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Private Art Seminars taught exclusively by Linda Coulter at Coulter Art Cottage in Farmington, Illinois, is customized private art instruction.  Tuition is $450 for the 3 day seminar. 

Tuition includes surfaces and paint palettes, private class with Linda Coulter at Coulter Art Cottage.  Bring your own brushes and paper towels to class. 

Semi-private (2 or 3 students) the tuition drops to $100 per day per student.  Contact Linda with any questions you may have.

The Semi-Private Seminar provides surfaces and paints for all students and Linda Coulter's professional teaching services. 

Private Art Instruction - Product Image

Private Art Instruction

 Price: $450.00

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