Linda Coulter paints scenes filled with radiant light and soft romantic colors to inspire your day and make you happy!  You can learn how to paint like this.  Browse our website to discover your options.  Enjoy!

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Tim and Andy ... e-Tutorial

Tim and Andy is an e-Tutorial that offers more than an e-Packet.  It includes instruction for a grisaille face study plus a full body pose in grisaille, finished in colors.  You'll receive:  6 patterns, 6 grisaille photos, 1 diagram, 1 color photo, written instructions.  

Tim 'n Andy e-Tutorial will be delivered in PDF format by email. 

Refer to the 2020 Program Handbook (sold separate) for the art supply list, grisaille chart, color chart, EASY conversion between oil colors (any brand) and acrylic colors (Americana/Folkart bottled colors), and surface prepping instruction.

The 2020 Program Handbook (sold separate) is a ONE TIME purchase for the year, and serves ALL projects throughout the year.  It is delivered by email. 

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